Work with Brands


Linerun connects students and professionals to brands through experiential learning and discovery. We build bridges between both groups through two programs.

CoLab Consulting

An integral part of our Accelerator program, CoLab Consulting is a dual-track, hybrid learning environment where participants work in groups to assist our brand partner with a specific business need. Projects may include developing a plan to solve an operations issue, develop a business plan or conduct industry research and analysis.

Organized and managed in a virtual classroom style setting, students will be able to understand company needs, organize potential ideas and apply lessons learned from our workshops and in college to deliver valuable insights to our company partners. While you provide meaningful work to your client, you’ll also gain first-hand industry knowledge and the opportunity to “test drive” a potential career track and/or employer in the process. This valuable industry experience is offered in conjunction with the professional development course provided as part of the Accelerator.

Programs are currently offered in conjunction with our Accelerator in the Fall, Winter and Spring. Click here more information.



Case Challenge

Bringing our collaborative learning programs to the next level, Case Challenges are standalone, independent projects that act as part virtual hackathon, and part call for proposals. These projects are generally driven by a brand’s need to explore or test new opportunities for growth or development of their brand or service and seek external perspectives.

Unlike the CoLab Consulting projects, which generally involve working in groups as part of the Career Accelerator & professional development course, individuals develop proposed solutions and/or ideas and compete for various prizes. Interested individuals must apply & receive an invitation to compete for the challenge, which may involve various levels of screening interviews. Details on qualifications, screening and program rules vary based on the program.

More information will be announced shortly.