Why should you participate in our program?

Photo by NicoElNino/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by NicoElNino/iStock / Getty Images

What is the Linerun Career Accelerator?

  • Our unique 5-6 week program helping future innovators connect with industry leaders to build relationships and to learn more about potential career opportunities

  • The program has three central parts:

    • RESEARCH PROJECT - work on a personal project focusing on industry issues related to your dream job or goal

    • INNOVATION TOUR - on the date of our demo night, you will have the opportunity to meet and visit with leading brands to learn more about their work

    • DEMO NIGHT - the program ends with a final presentation to industry leaders, community members and many of the same mentors you collaborated with on your research

Our process (in 10 steps)...

  • Apply for our program

  • Receive acceptance and identify career goal & position

  • Learn more about desired position and industry

  • Connect with mentors in & out of our network

  • Shape your data & research into insights

  • Develop a draft based on your insights

  • Submit draft for compilation into peer/mentor review

  • Finalize research project and submit for completion

  • Present findings during tour & Demo Night

What we expect...

  • A commitment to achieve each weekly goal & update with integrity

  • A fair share of assigned team work delivered on time

  • A weekly video post on lessons learned, challenges, questions, etc

  • A final draft deliverable of 500 words minimum for research project

  • Communication with team & management when issues occur

  • Follow all stated protocols on outreach & follow up with mentors

We offer the most comprehensive way to demonstrate your ability, prove your worth and build relationships with industry leaders & influencers.

What you will get...

  • A framework for connecting with industry leaders & practitioners

  • A simple roadmap for establishing social proof

  • Opportunities to connect & collaborate with our mentors

  • The creation of a group white paper on an industry issue

  • Platform to share your research at our demo night

  • Meet with leading startups & organizations through our tours