What makes us Different?


We Choose Quality Over Quantity

  • Career fairs can be hit or miss - but it's effect is truly watered down with the sheer volume of applicants visiting recruiters at their tables
  • We help you cut out the unneeded stress of a career fair by connecting you to the industry leaders and influencers you'll want to meet
  • Most important, our cohorts are limited to an average of 25-30 people, all of whom have demonstrated their ability to contribute

Prove Your Worth to the People Who Matter

  • We selected the activities and deliverables for this program for the transparency and trust it brings to the process
  • By focusing on a research project to get your foot in the door, you instantly have a point of reference via social proof (you did the work)
  • You'll meet & collaborate with the people facing the problems you're exploring (they automatically have skin in the game)

We Know This Process Works

  • Our founder, Brian Antolin, has lived each step of this process to achieve his dream of working in the bus industry
  • His annual research study on intercity buses has been featured across the country in various media outlets
  • He's become one of the go-to authorities on bus travel in the US for various media, investment and trade organizations
  • Brian’s goal is to create a platform where any student or professional can achieve the same results in their chosen field.