Photo by XtockImages/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by XtockImages/iStock / Getty Images

What is an emerging leader?

We've read many definitions of this term.  Here are three of the best explanations we've found from noted business and community leaders:

Seven Ways to Spot an Emerging Leader by Brent Eigelberger

10 Signs You are (or could be) an Emerging Leader by Deb Calvert

Ten Signs of an Emerging Leader by Stephen Blandino


While these articles provide a more comprehensive look into this phenomenon of identifying, grooming and supporting emerging leaders, we have a basic framework of who we classify as an emerging leader.  From our research and observation, these individuals have the following qualities (but not limited to):

  • They are in the process of launching (or relaunching) their career
  • Driven to make a difference, but trying to identify their core purpose
  • Possesses the ability to identify pain points and address all sides of the problem
  • Understands how to articulate their ideas & goals
  • Good team player, better teammate
  • Not afraid of change or being a change maker