The Incubator

Photo by olm26250/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by olm26250/iStock / Getty Images


Brand Projects. Student Talent. The Perfect Match.

Our Talent Incubator is based on the premise that students looking to apply their knowledge in the real world and brands looking for talent can work together to build mutually beneficial partnerships. We facilitate these relationships through the use of short-term consulting projects:


  • allow for the equal exchange of ideas and perspectives from students

  • and knowledge and experience from brands and professionals


  • satisfy a need for proven, qualified talent leads and external insights for brands

  • and real life working experience and career guidance


  • a value driven experiential learning environment

  • and a multi-layer, impactful relationship for all involved


We believe in equality and have ensured an equal exchange of value for all involved:


  • Fresh, external perspective on company and/or industry issues

  • One on one interactions with potential employees

  • Opportunity for internal professional development by working with students

  • Low cost, high value short term project/research/data outsourcing

  • Knowledge and networking value building


  • Obtain experience and exposure to desired field

  • Ability to apply and assess current knowledge & career skills

  • Build and test roadmap towards career goals

  • Identify, locate and build relationships with industry mentors

  • Test drive potential future employer


Work with our students this Fall!

Interested in working with our students this Fall? Complete the application below to join our Fall 2019 cohort students to receive actionable insights and test driven talent!

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