Mentor Exchange


Lesson 1: Applying Entrepreneurial Thinking to Career Success

Joshua Ness, Senior Manager, Verizon 5G Labs, NYC

Our first guest mentor drop-in is with Josh Ness, Senior Manager, Verizon 5G Labs. In our interview, we'll talk about Josh's journey to Verizon via the marketing & startup worlds and what he learned from working with innovative entrepreneurs and corporate giants.


Lesson 2: How to Network Strategically to Get to Your Ideal Connection

Austin Belcak, Founder & CEO, Cultivated Culture

This guest mentor drop-in video features Austin Belcak of Cultivated Culture & Microsoft. In our interview session we talk about how he reinvented both his career and outlook through strategic outreach and logic and how you can do the same.


Lesson 3: How to Build Relationships by Asking the Right Questions

Mike Roderick, Founder & CEO, Small Pond Enterprises

This mentor drop-in video is with Mike Roderick, CEO of Small Pond Enterprise. In our FB live interview, we'll talk about how he became the "go to" expert in relationship and community building and how you can apply the lessons he learned to your own career.