Heading in One Direction is Hard Work

It's often a challenge for us to stay on track when everything's happening all at once. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels overwhelmed at times when opportunity knocks and you have to let those calls go to the answering machine in order to put out the fires of yesterday.

For example....

As I'm getting back into the motions of meeting new people and learning more about their journeys and projects, I get hit with multiple invites to events in different industries all in the same week. Mind you, I very much want to meet the folks attending these events - science, tech, leadership - but I also have to balance the needs of my current business as well.

So while weighing all of these options and trying to make the best decision on which invites to accept, I developed a simple litmus test of three questions:

1. What are my top 3 goals this week, this month and this year?

2. Does this event fit into any of these goals?

3. If yes, then make it work. If no, ask if you can forward to a friend.

It's that simple.

Applying this test to each of the event invites, I determined that each event didn't meet any of the goals I set for myself in the interim nor the future, so I promptly forwarded them on to friends (with the organizer's blessing of course).  

*PRO TIP = Always forward event invites to friends who would benefit from the opportunity - not only do you help them towards reaching their goals, they'll appreciate the fact that you thought of them.*

This allowed me to focus on the "bigger picture" - the next step in developing my MVP for PodcastBus and what that product looks like/who's it for, as well as what our new company's direction and customers look like. It also allowed me to see my lawyer to discuss an issue on my other business, which if not for the extra time, would've cost my family and I a bundle long term.

The moral of the story?

Clear out enough time for yourself to refocus your efforts on what's important (and to see your lawyer if needed).