Learn from Mentors


Your Drive + Our Network = ?

You may have the drive and the skills, but what about the insight and experience?

What’s the best way to bridge that gap to gain the perspective needed?


Mentors can be your biggest advocate, cheerleader and sounding board. Why?

  1. EXPERIENCE - working in the field & industry, they can help you see “what it’s really like”

  2. PERSPECTIVE - they can help put your goals in focus with what’s actually going on “in the real world”

But what’s the best way to find these mentors?

  • Attending career service networking events on campus (really great opportunities)

  • Reaching out to college alumns who work in your industry (requires a lot of legwork)

  • Multiple searches on Linkedin (can be hit or miss)

  • or visit our Mentor Exchange!

Mentor Exchange is our collection of career lessons from professionals across various industries. Check out our library of videos and guides here.