The Role of Content in Innovation with Pavan Bahl (Mouthmedia)

Wednesday May 16, 2018

New York City

jauntChat - May 2018 - adjusted (8).png

The Details:

The Details:

6:15pm – Begin check in to meeting point (generally in front of Whole Foods Chelsea)

6:40pm – Event start and discussion with enroute to a local food hall

7:15pm – Arrival to Food Hall Destination, activity and collaborations, curated connections

8:30pm – Recap of activity and presentations to group

8:45pm - Depart from Food Hall Destination & shuttle to original meeting point (optional)


    About Our Featured Guest:

    A proclaimed connector in global fashion and technology eco-systems, Pavan leads an engaged community of thought leaders working at the intersection of brand and innovation.  He has advised over 150 growth stage companies.

    MouthMedia Network is a community first media company focused on creating world class podcasts, covering business strategy & innovation behind various lifestyle industries.  Their B2B content is ranked top in the world.


    Some FAQs:

    1. Why does this event take place on a bus?

    • We’ve built this experience with two things in mind:

                 i.  Get people out of the networking mold & mindset

                 ii. Craft memorable experiences through our podcast lounge & food hall activities

    • The best way to accomplish this while keeping the group together as we go to the food hall is to use the bus as an event space (a weird, unique but captive event space)


    2. Why not have the whole event at the food hall?

    • Three reasons:

                i.    Your ticket cost would increase exponentially

                ii.    It would take away from the novelty of the experience

                iii.   The food hall would become your run of the mill event venue


    3. Just so I’m clear – we won’t be able to see the speaker talk?

    • Technically yes*
    • We’ve designed this experience as a podcast lounge (that happens to be on a bus), where just like a regular podcast, you’ll listen to the conversation as it happens
    • We are, however recording video of the discussion so that you can watch and relive your experience at your own leisure! *subject to availability*


    4. Are the food and drinks included in the cost of my ticket?

    • No, food and beverage costs are separate and at your discretion
    • Our goal is to give you maximum flexibility to try whatever food and beverage options you wish


    What's Linerun Presents

    Linerun presents is a community gathering of innovators, influencers and everyone in between. Our innovative take on the traditional fireside chat transforms a coach bus into a live podcast lounge.  Onboard, we host engaging discussions featuring noted leaders across various business, media and entertainment, where you'll listen to our conversation as it happens through the bus speakers (our version of a live podcast lounge). The connecting continues when we arrive at a local food hall, where you’ll have time to get to know your fellow jaunters through fun, curated activities.

    Come for the fruitful knowledge & tasty food. Leave with new friends & varied perspectives.