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What if you could make a meaningful first impression & build relationships with leaders of the NYC Tech Community?  

Would you take the leap?

The Future Innovators of NYC Tech program is the first experience driven career accelerator program connecting students & professionals looking to work in tech with leading tech brands who are looking for engaged talent.

We connect both groups by tearing up the job search & talent recruitment rulebooks.

We employ a unique 6-7 week virtual program that starts with identifying each participant’s ideal role and career goal. From there, we help each accelerator member develop their own roadmap towards their goal and apply their existing technical or business skills through a short term consulting project with a local startup or brand.

The accelerator ends with all members meeting in person and learning from each other through our NYC Innovation Tour, where the group will meet and visit with leading tech brands and innovators.




Our 6-7 week accelerator program consists of three parts, allowing each participant the ability to learn from innovators, apply their knowledge and meet industry leaders at every step.

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If you're going to invest your time, money and effort into a program, you should know what you'll get up front.  Here are the top 5 takeaways you'll receive by participating:

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We're deliberate in our approach to connecting students with leading brands and organizations in tech.  Here's how we do it:

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Beyond the research project, mentor networking & company visits, we want you to leave us with the tools needed to create your own "roadmap" to achieve your career goals.  Here are a few of the lessons you can expect to learn from us:

*NOTE = All skills building programs advertised above are based on projected lesson activities with mentors & other session leaders scheduled as of August 2018.  Actual educational programming for career development may be subject to change without notice based on availability of speakers and the needs of the program manager and/or accelerator cohort.



We've developed an incredible network of innovators and inlfuencers through our experience curating and hosting Tech & Startup Tour programs in New York and Boston.  Our network includes mentors and partners from:


Dates & agenda are subject to change without notice based on the needs of the program and/or the group.

  • August 5th-September 13th - applications open for cohort candidates & selection process

  • September 16th - selected applicants receive welcome to cohort message & initial interview call

  • Week of September 23rd - program launches & Intro to Careers in Tech/Self-Assessment & SWOT Analysis I

  • Week of September 30th - intro to consulting project partners and team to learn project scope & goals

  • Week of October 7th - career development module/SWOT Analysis II + preliminary research on project

  • Week of October 14th - project deliverables overview, research and needs, career roadmap draft

  • Week of October 21st - address project needs & gaps with project partner client & mentor discussion

  • Week of October 28th - first draft of deliverables & mentor discussion

  • Week of November 4th - second draft of deliverables & prep for “Demo Night” of final career roadmap

  • November 6th - NYC Innovation Tour (visit tech companies) & Demo Night

  • Week of November 11th - delivery of final project & report to project partner client




Who should apply to the Future Innovators of NYC Tech career accelerator?

This experience is aimed at college students, both undergraduate and graduate, who are interested in careers in the tech industry, with an emphasis on companies based in New York City.  Ideal candidates are driven leaders who are actively involved in campus activities and have exhibited their interest in tech either through current or previous coursework or practical experience (freelance, jobs, etc.)  You do not need to be a computer science, engineering or business student to apply – the program is agnostic to academic discipline and geography.

We will also consider recent grads (must be less than 5 years removed from graduating college) under the conditions listed above. 

We are unable to accept anyone who does not meet the above qualifications at this time, as our program is specifically geared towards current students & recent grads.

Please note that the program accepts all applicants who qualify based on the criteria above.


How much time will I need to invest & when and where will it take place?

The program takes place from September 23rd to November 5th online through a special Facebook group specifically for the cohort.  This is where the majority of our skill building workshops and collaborative mentor trainings will take place. 

At the start of each week (Sundays in March), you’ll receive a group agenda, covering what each individual and team needs to accomplish, as well as a program schedule for Facebook group activities.  While you may work at your own leisure to fulfill your weekly tasks, all assignments related to your research project will be due each Friday by 10pm EST. 

Each week will feature different activities and assignments.  You should budget a minimum of 10 hours each week to accomplish these activities.  The busiest weeks in the program are Weeks 3-5, where you’ll be actively connecting with mentors and other professionals for your project as well as your own independent research. 

Please note that you are allowed one (1) and only one missed deadline for your research project.  Upon request, you will be granted a 2 day extension to the following Monday at Noon to complete your tasks.  Any individual who misses more than 1 deadline and/or extension will not be allowed to participate in our Innovation Tour & Demo Night in NYC on Wednesday, November 6th and no refunds of your program fee will be issued.  This policy was instituted to recognize & respect the time and effort our mentors, managers and your fellow participants invest in this program.  To that extent, no exceptions, other than acts of God, documented and verified by a third party that prevent your participation will be allowed.

Please keep these details in mind when applying for this program.


What will I receive by participating in this program?

We offer the most comprehensive way to demonstrate your ability, prove your worth and build relationships with industry leaders & influencers.  Here is what you can expect from us:

·        A framework for connecting with industry leaders & practitioners

·        A simple roadmap for establishing social proof

·        Opportunities to connect & collaborate with our mentors

·        Collaborative project based consulting program working with local startups

·        Platform to share your career roadmap & to ask for guidance and support (our demo night)

·        Meet with leading startups & organizations through our tours


What’s not included as part of this program?

While we offer value, skills and application to all participants through this program, there is a finite limit to what we can promise.  Here is a list of things we cannot guarantee as a result of this program, including but not limited to:

·        Introductions and connections to leaders at your desired company/dream job

·        Job offers or other forms of direct collaboration with company after program

·        Press, speaking opportunities or personal platform development based on your work

·        That the frameworks we teach in this program will work every time & for every situation

·        That the people you meet & work with (including mentors & professionals) will keep in touch

·        That your first choice on question, topic or vertical to work on for your project will be granted


Our program is meant to help you create your own career roadmap and initiate the process of pursuing a career in tech.  Actual results may vary and are determined by how you apply what you learn to your own situation to create your own opportunities.  Linerun, its program managers, mentors, professionals, partners and sponsors are not responsible for any issues you may experience in your job search or career development as a result of participating in our program.


What do you expect of participants of this program?

We believe in transparency.  This is what we expect from program participants:


·        A commitment to achieve each weekly goal & update with integrity

·        An investment of at least 10 hours per week dedicated to your team project & program activities

·        Completion of a weekly survey on lessons learned, challenges, questions, etc

·        Actively participate in all program modules, including mentor sessions & skill building workshops

·        Engage in primary and secondary research of assigned topic & document all efforts

·        Assistance in compiling, reviewing, drafting and finalizing team white paper & reviewing research of other groups

·        Respect all mentors and professionals you meet by preparing for all interactions

·        Communication with team & management at all touchpoints

·        Follow all stated protocols on outreach & follow up with mentors

·        If in doubt on any part of the program, contact your program manager before taking any action


How much does it cost for individuals to participate?

The program fee for college students is $195, which includes all processing fees.  This discounted rate includes access to all program materials for the 6 week duration of the program, inclusion in our cohort’s Facebook group (even when the program ends), group mentor lessons and introductions to professionals in our network (when available and warranted). Proof of college affiliation (must scan/take picture of college ID & submit your college email) will be required in order to access this rate.

The program fee for all other participants is $395, which includes all benefits included above.

All accelerator participants who successfully will be eligible to participate in our Future Innovators Tour programs. Click here to learn more.


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