Founded x Culture

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How can we start a conversation?

Brian had a revelation that completely changed his thinking.

You see, Brian’s a millennial creating content and programs for Gen Zs.  And he (and the rest of the team) have no idea what they actually want or value. It’s crazy to think that for as successful as our ventures to date have been, there’s a huge gap between us and our audience.  And truthfully, the cycle will repeat itself over, and over again.

Then he thought – if he’s having this issue, so are the tech and startup brands they’re working with.

What do they want?  What do they value?  And how can I start a conversation on this?

It’s one thing for us to bring the two groups together in person – we do it already with our tours.  But we can’t bring everyone together in person. But we CAN bring them together online to learn and share with each other.

Meet our new media project and YouTube channel, Founded x Culture.

Our simple premise:  bring growth stage startup founders together with students to share lessons learned through the lens of millennial & Gen Z culture

That’s right – we’ll include both perspectives.  It’s easy to take millennials & Gen Z’s in silos to examine them side by side.  But it’s a completely different story to bring both points of view together to tell a single story.  We’re going to connect all three sides – founder, millennial and Gen Z to help empower and inspire students and professionals looking to work for startups or start their own projects.

Coming this September.