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Take a peek into the Life of Startups….

Life of Startups is a video series that’s part of the Linerun YouTube channel, where we talk all things startups - from concept, to growth, to the daily struggles and joys of startup life. Our founder and leader, Brian Antolin, introduces you to the companies and organizations transforming our world through the people leading their respective journeys.

Our wide-ranging discussions are not the typical fireside chat Q&A (although we do ask many of the basic questions you’d want to know about). We dig deeper into the journey of the people who power these emerging brands to better understand their vision. We also like to have fun whenever possible and want to showcase their personality by getting them out of the office to do fun stuff. Check us out and leave a like and a comment (and subscribe too :)

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Meet our friend, Aaron Lyles from CommonAlly…

Aaron Lyles, CEO and Founder of CommonAlly

In our interview session Aaron shares how he was able to break through his own personal roadblocks towards varying levels of success and failure in different fields. He also speaks on how his career journey informed and shaped his latest venture, CommonAlly.

CommonAlly is a centralized platform that incentivizes users to engage in the political process.