Developing a Diverse Workforce

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Bridging the Gap

What is the best way to engage diverse, underserved populations?

We hear this question everyday in the news, online and in public. But what is the actual solution to help connect talented individuals who lack access to various opportunities and employers who seek a more inclusive workforce and internal community?

From our work with students and brands, we believe it involves a strategy that includes different initiatives that reach these communities at various touchpoints - both virtual and in person.

Linerun helps to further these efforts at a more diverse and inclusive workforce through its outreach and partnership with student groups throughout the Northeast. We actively engage with leaders representing groups including but not limited to Women in Tech & Business and Black, Latino & Asian leadership and professional organizations.

We also work with corporate partner and sponsors to provide greater access to the career skills and frameworks shared in this program through scholarship opportunities aimed at students attending City University of New York or State University of New York colleges and other underrepresented groups.