The Linerun Story


I’ve always believed that there had to be a better way to meet and learn from cool and interesting people and companies.

As someone who considers himself as an introvert, I found it difficult at times to go to a “networking mixer” and network. It just didn’t feel right.

I began hosting events in the tech and startup scene in NYC in 2016 for the sole purpose of learning what the community was about and how I could “fit in.” I soon realized, however, that there was something I completely overlooked.

I wasn’t an event producer, nor was I a “networker.”

At the same time, I realized that there was a significant gap in the skills many students leave college with and the expectations employers have in the workplace. Even worse, these “career lessons” are often not accessible to students from underrepresented backgrounds through no fault of their own. How can people succeed in their career journey if they don’t know that they’re missing essential building blocks that can jump start their path?

My experience to that point was in travel and transportation. In fact, my life’s passion is for buses and moving people. With that said, why couldn’t I apply my passion to help people find their own?

So here we are.

I developed a new brand (or division if we're keeping things clear and concise) called Linerun. It's primary purpose is to function as the career platform of our parent company, CoTo Travel. Our events and programs, including our Career Accelerators, Innovation Tours are geared towards students entering the workforce and young professionals looking for growth opportunities. The name Linerun comes from my background in the bus industry - a linerun is a scheduled bus service.

Linerun is the realization of two things:

  1. There are people just like me who are either starting to build or are in the process of building their careers and need a jumpstart to get to that next level, and

  2. That we can do this through a mix of content and experiences that gets you to think beyond your current reality and maximize your potential.

I call it a platform because that's literally what we're out to do - connect young professionals and brands through unique experiences that help build meaningful relationships.

Come along for the ride - we’ll make it worth your while :)